Lafayette Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Almost any type of accident can lead to a back injury: a car accident, a truck accident, an accident on an oil rig or in the workplace. No matter how it happened, one thing is universally true. It is critical to get help from experienced professionals as soon as possible.

At J. Minos Simon, Ltd., we take immediate action on your spinal cord injury, back injury or neck injury case. This may include legal action, like preparing your case for trial. It may also include medical action, like referring you to a network of highly regarded health care providers who may be able to act fast and get you the emergency surgery you need.

Get the money you need to help cover the cost of your injuries. Contact our spine injury attorney online today, or call to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your potential case.337-235-3200

Louisiana Back Injury Attorney: We Work With Experts
Our Lafayette, Louisiana, law firm frequently partners with orthopedic surgeons, neuropsychologists, urologists and orthopedic surgeons, as well as psychological experts who can help you overcome the emotional trauma (such as PTSD) often associated with a serious personal injury.

These experts help us prove to judges, juries, insurance companies and opposing counsel just how seriously your back or spinal cord injury has affected you. While your voice is important, the voices of experts can lend credibility to your story.

Our law firm is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients. Our record of success speaks for itself in back injury cases, as well as other personal injury cases. Many of the cases we handle come to us on referral from other clients who were pleased with the results that we achieved for them. Further, many of the cases we handle are those of repeat clients who come to us for legal help after we have successfully helped them resolve another legal matter.

Contact a Lafayette Neck Injury Lawyer
At the law office of J. Minos Simon, Ltd., J. Quentin Simon can handle the legal matters that affect you. To schedule your free initial consultation with our firm, call 337-235-3200. You can also contact us online, and a Lafayette spinal cord injury attorney will be in touch with you promptly.

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