Dont stress if you've been in an accident and one of your passengers also received a injury!

Dont stress if you've been in an accident and one of your passengers also received a injury!

Contact a car accident passenger injury lawyer at J. Minos Simon, LTD. in Lafayette, LA!

At the law office of J. Minos Simon, Ltd., we offer skilled and experienced representation to passengers injured in car crashes. We will seek compensation for your injuries on your behalf - whether from the negligent driver's insurance policy or the negligent driver or drivers themselves.

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Passenger Rights Lawyer - Louisiana
If you sustained serious car accident passenger injuries, it is important that you get a different lawyer from the driver of the negligent vehicle - even if the negligent driver was driving the vehicle you were in, and he or she is a close friend.

Liability coverage, required by Louisiana law, covers up to a certain amount of car accident passenger injuries. Insurance companies are obligated to investigate and resolve claims on behalf of the driver and passengers in the vehicle. Our attorney will enforce the good faith duties and obligations of the insurance companies.

Unfortunately, the minimum amount of liability coverage required under Louisiana law will most likely not cover the full extent of the medical costs required to treat a vehicle collision injury. In that case, attorney J. Quentin Simon will pursue compensation directly from the negligent driver.

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If you have suffered car accident passenger injuries, attorney Simon will make sure your rights are protected and fight for fair compensation for your injuries. If you have lost a loved one who was a passenger in a fatal crash, we will fight on your behalf to protect and respect their memory. You need compassionate and sensitive legal representation during this tragic time for you and your family.

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